The leading software for running salons, spas and clinics

Appointments, Point of Sale, Marketing, Online Booking and everything else you need

It's a new beginning

Not happy to be just another appointment system we want to transform the way you operate. Your staff will be happier, your clients will be happier and business will be better.

Self maintaining

Our system maintains itself, no updates, no backups and no installations required. Just open your browser and you are ready to go.

The automated business

We automate as much as possible, reminders, marketing, client follow ups and more to ensure you can get back to what you to best.

Use from anywhere

You won't be stuck using your software only in the salon, use it from work, home, at a friends house or on your phone, all included in the price.

Key Features

You'reOnTime is a full featured system, it does not stop at the appointment book it contains everything you will need to manage and grow.
  • Functional and easy to use appointment book.
  • Two way appointment reminders and confirmations.
  • Online and Facebook booking.
  • Point of sale with products, loyalty, promotions and vouchers.
  • Ability to configure for walk in style salons.
  • Marketing tools to generate repeat business.
  • Sophisticated business reporting and dashboards.
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Trusted by smart businesses

Every day people are moving from other system to You'reOnTime. Validation that we are doing things right as even long time users of established systems take advantage of our free conversion.

You'reOnTime has been the
best move

We are happy with You're On Time! Very easy to use, very easy to learn for new staff! Cost effective, this system gives us all the features we require at a fraction of the cost of other systems. And the support team is amazing!!! I cannot say enough about this team!

The best software in
the market

This software has really helped our business grow. It helps us keep more in control with our clients. We trailed so many software but this was the best. Save your self the wasted time and just sign up with You'reOnTime.

The Best Business

This software is ease to use, has a great coding system, affordable and has amazing customer service. I don't care how amazing your software is, if they have terrible customer service it's consider a flop.

Very happy!!
I am very happy with this program.

I had a similar program that was not web based and I had much difficulty getting help when needed. I have never had this trouble with You'reOnTime. Easy to use. Accessible on all my devices. Fast help when needed or even with just a simply question.

The best customer support

No question is to big or to small, we will help you from the first minute of your trial and continue to ensure you have the best user experience.
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